Anne and Scott's Vacation 2009 Page

This page contains images from our vacation during the summer of 2009.

Anne registered for the San Francisco Half Marathon and we decided to build a vacation around that event. Anne flew up to go to the race expo and I drove up later to meet her. We stayed in San Fran a couple of nights and them drove to Yosemite to explore for a few days. The last leg of the trip was a night in Sequoia and then back home.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view. Click on the links to get to the different sections.

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Prayer Cross

San Francisco Leg

Yosemite, Part 1

Upper Yosemite Falls
Half Dome

Yosemite, Part 2

Sequoia Leg

General Sherman
HR2877 - Glacier Point

Benchmarks From The Trip

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