Scott's Computer Cabinet Project Wiring Page

I needed a computer cabinet, and no one makes what I wanted. The only option was to build one myself.

This page documents the wiring phase of the project. While I have wired the fans already and added wire to the bay switches, now I must complete the final wiring of the outlets. Each bay has a separate outlet which is individually switched.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

The Final Wiring

Braces added to the top

The top was not completely flat, so I added braces to flatten it and to make attachment to the body easier.

Close-up view of the top brace

Close-up view of the brace added to the top to flatten it and make attachment to the body easier.

Wires ready for outlets

The switch wiring and the power cord ready for installation of the bay outlet.

Ends to wiring ready for switch

The switch wires are fitted with endings to connect directly to the switch.

Close-up view of the unmodified outlet

A close-up view of the electrical outlet right out of the box.

Close-up view of the now modified outlet

A close-up view of the electrical outlet modified to provide separately switched power.

Outlet wires ready

The wires for the outlet prepared for assembly.

Hot lead connected

View of the bay power outlet housing with the hot leads connected.

Bay outlet with neutral and ground connected

The outlet for two bays with the common neutral and the ground connected..

Installed outlet

View of the installed outlet for two of the bays, each with a separate switch.

Finished dual-bay outlet

View of one of the outlets that services two bays, each is separately switched.

Rear view of wired switches

View of two of the switches, fully wired, from the rear.

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