Scott's Computer Cabinet Project Adding Features Phase Page

I needed a computer cabinet, and no one makes what I wanted. The only option was to build one myself.

This page documents the phase of the project where I added the features of the cabinet to the completed body shell. Shelves for the computers and electrical systems were added.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

The Adding Features Phase

The cut and routed shelves

Underside view of the cut shelves and the groove to pull them out with.

Close-up of the groove

A close-up view of the groove on the bottom of the shelf used to pull the shelves out.

Finished shelves

The finished shelves ready for installation.

Rails installed in body

The rails for the shelves installed in the body shell.

Close-up of the rails

Close-up view of the rails installed in the body.

Rails installed on the shelves

The rails mounted on the bottom of the shelves, ready for installation.

Shelves on the rails

Shelves and rails installed and extended.

Shelves installed and stowed

View of the shelves completely installed and in the stowed position.

Initial thermostat install

Initial installation of the fan thermostat (attic fan thermostat).

View of fan wiring passing through outlet housing

The fan wires pass through the housing where the bay power outlets will be mounted.

Wire connections in the thermostat

View of the thermostat after the fan and supply wiring are connected.

Bay switch wiring added

Wiring added that will run to the switch housings for each bay, powered separately.

Final assembly of the thermostat

View of the thermostat after final assembly. Some switch wiring passes through.

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