Scott's Computer Cabinet Project Drawers and Doors Page

I needed a computer cabinet, and no one makes what I wanted. The only option was to build one myself.

This page documents the drawer assembly and door installation phase of the project. The drawers are short in height (almost just to fill in space above the servers) and only extend 3/4 of the depth of the cabinet to allow for air flow out of the back of the cabinet. The doors were assembled anf found to be too big. Don't know how I miscalculated, but after a second session with the table saw (after assembly), the doors were ready to go.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

The Drawer and Door Assembly

Installed drawer rails

The side rails installed for the drawers. Full extension rails used.

Extended view of installed drawer rails

View of the drawer rails extended. Notice the lighted switches for the bays.

Drawer side pieces

The side pieces that will make up the drawers. Baltic birch.

Close-up of drawer side pieces

A closer view of the side pieces that will make up the drawers.

Original drawer bottoms

The original routed bottom pieces for the drawers. Baltic birch.

Close-up of the original drawer bottoms

A close-up view of the original routed bottom pieces for the drawers. These were too small (cut wrong) so they were replaced with a thinner, cheaper material.

Tongue and Groove

Close-up view of the tongue and groove for the door frame.

Door Frame Parts

View of the parts to build the frame of one of the doors.

Door Parts

View of the parts that will be assembled into one of the doors.

Routing on Door Panel

Close-up view of the routing on the door panel.

Assembled Door

Door assembled using corner braces to attempt to make it square.

Finished Door

View of one of the doors completed.

Installed Drawers

View of the finished and installed drawer boxes. Notice the bottom is not the baltic birch.

Installed Drawers Alternate View

Another view of the drawer boxes as installed.

Mounted Door Hinges

View of the door hinges as mounted in the cabinet. Notice the modified holes done on a drill press to accommodate the doors.

Finished Doors

The completed doors ready for installation.

Doors After Being Hung

View of the doors after being installed.

Doors Overlapping

After hanging the doors, I found that I had miscalculated the size and they overlapped.

Final Installed Doors

Doors resized (the edges trimmed) and rehung.

Final Installed Doors Closed

Modified doors rehung and able to close!

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