Scott's Computer Cabinet Project Design Phase Page

I needed a computer cabinet, and no one makes what I wanted. The only option was to build one myself.

This page documents the design phase of the project. After measuring my existing computers to determine what dimensions I needed and measuring the current furniture in the computer room, I made some rough sketches of what I was planning to build and then a more detailed drawing. I also made some drawings to determine how I would need to cut the wood I bought in order to produce the parts I needed.

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The Design Phase

Image of initial design sketch

The initial sketch made during design of the cabinet.

Design document

The detailed drawing made during design of the cabinet.

Sketch developing the door details

The sketch made to develop the details of the doors.

Sketch determining part extraction from wood chunk

The sketch created to determine the proper way to cut the large piece of wood to create the legs of the cabinet.

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